Secrets of the Solent need our help

Cuttlefish waiting

Cuttlefish © Paul Naylor

I have been asked by my colleagues on another Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust project to spread the word about our Secrets of the Solent crowdfunder appeal, which is in its final few days. Secrets of the Solent has many aims in common with Milton’s Hidden Seashore but is taking place on a far grander scale. This project is all about protecting the fabulous marine wildlife and habitats of the Solent, including seagrass meadows, chalk reefs and rocky sponge gardens, which are home to seahorses and sea bass, seals, colourful anemones, sea squirts and cuttlefish. We hope to inspire and inform people about the wonders of the local seas which are such a strong part of the identify of our area.


Every £1 we raise gives us the chance to unlock an extra £9.85 from the Heritage Lottery Fund, which will allow us to work with local people and partners to keep the Solent special.

The crowdfunder page closes at 11.59pm on the 12th October, find out more using the link below and please support the sea life of the Solent if you can.

Velvet swimming crab & snakelocks, Dev 1

Velvet Swimming Crab and Snakelocks © Paul Naylor



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