Mist, mystery and map making with Portsmouth Home Ed Group

Our mystery-filled, foggy Friday afternoon was really rather wonderful in the end. Fog horns continued in the background right through the day and my group for the afternoon set about mapping the nature reserve, not with pens and paper but with found objects. PHE 2 Jess Daish-MillerOur canvas was the beach, our frame was a big blue rope, and like all of the best treasure maps, we had an ‘x marks the spot’, which I added when they had completed the map. We used our spatial awareness and geographical skills to decide how to mark the features of the reserve. The children’s ideas included boats made of old bricks, three dimensional trees and our little windbreak shelter represented by a cuttlefish bone.

PHE 3 Jess Daish-MillerThe treasure hidden at the spot marked by the x was a box of storytelling props which we used towards the end of the session. One of my favourite things about Milton’s hidden seashore is the fact that it is never the same two days in a row. The atmosphere today was truly unique.



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